Graduate Student Essay Award

We are pleased to publish the winner of the first annual SUNY New Paltz Graduate Student Essay Award, as well as three essays that the judges determined were deserving of honorable mention. Submissions came from essays written for credit in a graduate seminar during the 2016-2017 academic year. The winner will receive a $100 award.


Award Winner

Hannah Phillips, “Closeted Desire, Deviant Decor: Space and Sexuality in The Picture of Dorian Gray”

Honorable Mention

Gregory Bruno, “The Threat from the Animal Within: Fin de Siècle Representations of Drug Use”

Nathan Lee, “Monoseeming: Using Original Shakespearean Pronunciation in Reading Troilus and Cressida For Possibilities in Performance and Study”

Allison Leshowitz, “Teenage ‘Cancerland’: A Critical Analysis of Cancer Tropes and Metaphors in Young Adult Literature”



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